Protect the Environment

Park green plant ecological management

Efficient industrial wastewater treatment

Strengthen Environmental Management

Protecting the environment while providing affordable, reliable and cleaner energy requires the support of effective processes, leading-edge technology and dedicated employees. Our work in the environment focuses on responsible water management, reducing water consumption and biodiversity, while using our Operational Excellence management system to manage risk.


We have built in the company's wastewater treatment, the production and use of industrial wastewater for unified treatment, based on the "sewage comprehensive discharge standard" (GB 8978) on the basis of industrial wastewater treatment is more strict, every week will ask the testing unit for data measurement, of which COD value only reached about 150 (required within 450). And adopt intelligent monitoring to realize the intelligent monitoring and management of wastewater treatment process.

Environmental management

We develop and enforce special environmental regulations to reduce damage to vegetation resources. In daily work, we pay attention to garbage classification, reduce waste and save energy, and regularly carry out ecological and environmental protection publicity and education, popularize environmental protection knowledge, and have a special person responsible for the management and cultivation of green plants in the park.