Person with ability

Cultivate talents

Security Popularization


Strengthen Personnel Training

We put the cultivation of talents in an important position, and always insist on the education and training of professional and technical personnel. In accordance with the principle of "giving priority to the cultivation of high-level talents, vigorously cultivating young and middle-aged talents, and focusing on the cultivation of key talents", we carry out activities such as staff skills training and reading clubs within the company, and participate in external training according to employees' career planning to improve their professional level.


We have put in place a sound management system to encourage personnel to play their role, put institutional development in a prominent position, deepen the reform of professional titles, separate the evaluation and recruitment of professional titles from positions, strengthen the management of "structural ratio", optimize the personnel structure, implement competition for posts, and abolish the lifetime tenure system of professional and technical posts. Through the "structure ratio" management and "evaluation and employment separation" constantly strengthen and improve the management of evaluation and employment work, truly achieve scientific post establishment.

Safety popularization

"Human life, development must not be at the expense of human life", as the chemical industry, we know the importance of safety, in this regard, we have established a safety system to ensure the implementation of safe production work, and regularly organize safety training, to ensure that every employee can understand the safety rules and regulations and operating procedures of the enterprise, master the necessary safety skills.