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Wanlong Chemical Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") is located in Ruian Binhai Chemical Industry Park, which is a provincial chemical industry park located on the edge of the East China Sea. The park is equipped with centralized wastewater treatment, centralized hazardous waste incineration treatment center and centralized gas supply. Formerly known as the state-owned Bandung Chemical Factory, the company was established in 1989 as Bandung Chemical Co., LTD., and completed the reform of private ownership in 2000.

The company has been focusing on polymer synthesis and fine chemical intermediates research and development and production for nearly 40 years, and has developed three business systems - polymer materials, organic dyes and chemical intermediates. The polymer materials business mainly focuses on daylight fluorescent pigments and high-performance adhesives. Among them, 25,000 tons/year polymer daylight fluorescent pigments have been in the world's leading position after 37 years of development. High performance adhesives are major suppliers of adhesives for special fields. Solvent-based dyes - solvent Yellow 135 and solvent yellow 160:1 two fluorescent yellow dyes are the main suppliers of chemical fiber stock solution coloring yellow series. Chemical intermediates - p-n-butylaniline series products are important intermediates for the dye and pharmaceutical industries.

After nearly half a century of precipitation, the sense of mission drives each generation of company managers to attach importance to and advocate the concept of safe and environmentally friendly production; Continuous investment in safety, environmental governance and automation control every year ensures the company's breakthroughs in humanities, technology, safety and environmental protection. The entrepreneurial mission drives all employees to explore the possibilities in polymer materials, organic dyes and chemical intermediates; We have made new achievements in safety, environmental protection and green production.

Ruian Potassium Nitrogen Fertilizer Plant and Ruian Ammonia Plant (Pingyangkeng 1958-1984)

Wanlong Chemical Plant (Dongshan Shangbu 1984-2001)

Wanlong Chemical Co., LTD. (Pandai 2001-2021)

Wanlong Chemical Co., LTD. (Shangwang 2022 to present)

Corporate Honors